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AMP Energy + She Wants Revenge

The She Wants Revenge gave an interview for the What’s New of the energetic brand AMP Energy.
In this interview they talk about the beginning of the band and the future of She Wants Revenge.
Watch the interview here:

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Up and Down on iTunes

As we said before, the brand new EP, Up and Down, is available to buy at the iTunes Store.
The EP is available for the price of U$4,99, and the song “A Little Bit Harder” actually calls “A Little Bit Harder Now”.

Up and Down on iTunes

Up and Down on iTunes

If you have an iTunes Store account and wants to buy it click here.

PS. For those who think that the new EP is to much electronic, the 30 seconds preview on iTunes, show us that the track “Love Me” follows the dark segment.

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The “Up and Down” EP Release.

After almost a year of the release of the EP “Save Your Soul”, the She Wants Revenge will release the brand new EP, “Up and Down”, tomorrow.
A month ago, the band released the single of the new EP, “All Wound Up”, and you can hear it at their MySpace, and into this month along, three more songs leaked over the internet, four of the five songs is around the internet, just the song “Love Me” remains brand new.
The release of “Up and Down” will be tomorrow, 22/09, on iTunes. So, if you have an Apple Store account, after midnight, you can download it.

Check it out the new song, “A Little Bit Harder” live at San Antonio, Texas.

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Human side of SWR.

Today, the band was traveling into the state of Alabama, with a strong storm. And one guy lost the control of his car and crashed. The crew of She Wants Revenge saw the accident and stopped to help.

Rolling through an electrical storm just outside of Mobile, A... on Twitpic

 Driving through a storm, witnessed a guy flip over on the f... on Twitpic

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09/11/09 – Austin, Texas.

Last 09/11 the band performed at the Emo’s in Austin (Texas). Check it out the video of True Romance:

Next show will be tomorow, 09/14 at Club Downunder in Tallahassee (Florida).

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09/10/09 – Dallas, Texas.

The second night of show was amazing, we have a lot of videos for you guys, and take a look at “Tear You Apart” video, the best performance in a long time!
Tonight the band performs in Dallas, at the Granada Theater.

Check it out the videos of last night at White Rabbit:

These Things

Written in Blood

Tear You Apart

Red Flags and Long Nights

Broken Promises for Broken Hearts

True Romance

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09/09/09 – San Antonio, Texas.

After the great success  last night in Houston, tonight She Wants Revenge will perform the second show of this tour, in San Antonio, Texas.
I found one video of the Paper Route band, they open the show for our SWR, you can watch here.
And you also can check it out the videos of “Tear you Apart” and “Out of Control”, from last night, at House of Blues.

Tonight’s show will be at the White Rabbit, in
San Antonio, Texas. And Adam12 gave us a photo during the sound check of the banner on stage.
 San Antonio... on Twitpic

The shows begins 8:00pm with the bands Kill Hannah and Paper Route opening for SWR, and the main show will probably starts 10:00pm, as last night.

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Starts today The Up and Down Tour.

I’m glad to announce that today starts another tour on She Wants Revenge’s career. Starting the new The Up and Down Tour, or lovingly called The Comedy of Errors Tour, the band begins at the city of Houston, in the state of Texas.
The show will be at the House Of Blues with the presence of Kill Hannah and Paper Route, the presentation are scheduled to start 8:00 pm (local time). At the House Of Blues website, they notify that it’s prohibited to carry cameras, but we hope that soon enough we have videos of this tour’s kick-off.
After the show, Adam 12 will do a session with his DJ set at The Flat Bar. So if you’re around there, stop by and check it out!

To get the taste, watch the video of These Things live at Brazil, in 2007.

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Front Cover Updated.

The front cover of the brand new EP, “Up and Down”, was posted at the band Myspace earlier today.
Check it out the final version of it:

Front Cover
Click to enlarge

She Wants Revenge Brazil in English!

The SheWantsRevengeBrazil now have an english version for the fans around the globe who wants to know more about our favorite band, the She Wants Revenge.
Now, every news posted in portuguese will be posted in english in here, so you can follow us and find out what’s happening with the guys of She Wants Revenge.

Welcome Everybody and enjoy it!

PS: The previous news are in Portuguese, the staff decide that’s to much contents to translate. But, now, we’ll post every news in english for you guys!